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Words are pretty important things for any business. They communicate its positioning, brand promise and all sorts of marketing ideas and information. The written word promulgates a business’ essence. They do it more effectively, though, without words like promulgate. Effective writing that moves and motivates an audience is usually writing that’s simple, easy-to-understand, memorable and packs a punch.

That’s what I do. Well … one of things I do, anyway. I string together nouns, verbs and those ever-popular adjectives along with other grammatical gadgets and gizmos to tell my clients’ stories. When you strip away all the jargon, trends du jour and baloney, telling stories writer and advisory board member what marketing is really all about. Better yet, it’s all about telling stories that resonate and motivate readers to take action.

Your story might take the form of web content, such as a linguistic lift for your website, ghostwritten articles or blog posts. Maybe you’re in need of amiable ad or brochure copy. Perhaps you’re looking for some punchy profile words. Perhaps I’m getting way too carried away with early morning alliteration as I sit here fueled by only one cup of coffee.

Oh. Regarding those other things I do, they include marketing consulting, planning and implementation; graphic and web design; writing a few books and scores of articles. I’ve also been known to speak to various groups at conferences and other business events about small business topics, marketing and promotion. It keeps me and apparently them entertained.

Take a look around this site. Learn about the services I offer and what others have to say about working with me. You might consider reading a few of my articles or blog to get some promotional ideas going.

I work mostly with service-oriented businesses such as graphic designers, photographers, writers, web developers, authors and musicians, but also those who provide other professional services such as attorneys, accountants, financial advisers and healthcare professionals.

For information and examples of my logo / identity and web design work, please visit Tortorella Design.

After you’ve poked around, contact me with any questions you may have. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.