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Odds are, you’re here because you’ve either heard of me, attended an event where I spoke, read one of my articles or books. Perhaps you landed here by way of Google or other search engine.

How you got here isn’t as important as why you’re here. Do any of these reasons sound familiar?

  • You have a marketing problem that needs a solution.
  • You need words that can work a bit of magic … and you need them now.
  • You’re way too busy and, frankly, stringing together some nouns and verbs isn’t your strength. You’re much better at focusing on your business.
  • You want to save money or make money. Probably both.

Service business owners, independent consultants and solopreneurs are a busy lot, just like you. They wear all the hats, from owner to manager to janitor. Toss in writer and advisory board memberbookkeeper, marketing director, project manager and salesperson to round things out. You need a bigger hat rack. A bottle of antacid wouldn’t hurt, either.

I can help.

Researching, writing and designing marketing materials and Web content are time-consuming, labor-intensive activities. You don’t have that kind of time. Neither do your employees. You want to make money and grow your business, so your time is much better spent on your core business and revenue-producing activities.

Make sense?

Let’s talk about that problem you have and an effective, affordable solution. The problems most small businesses and independent professionals experience are getting the word out, identifying and reaching the right customers and closing sales. No big surprise there.

But how?

Working with a freelance writer, such as me, is the smart, savvy thing to do. You save time and can concentrate on making money. I focus on crafting the right words – words that resonate and motivate your audience to act. Plus, when you work with me you also get a highly experienced graphic and Web designer. Just one point of contact for all your marketing and content needs. Handy, eh? For more information and examples of my logo / identity and Web design work, please visit Tortorella Design.

Whether your content needs are blog and social media posts, articles to help position you as an experts, copywriting for ads, direct response and marketing materials or ghost writing, you landed at the right place. Contact me today and learn how I can help you save time, make more money and also save some dough along the way.

Free marketing tips report from Neil TortorellaIf you’re still not sure, how about this? Download a copy of my free Marketing Tips Report. I wrote it especially for small service business owners, independent professionals, consultants and freelancers. This  22-page report covers marketing ideas, tactics and information you can use today. Plus, many of these tactics, tools  and techniques are completely free! The report isnt’t a bunch of pie-in-the-sky theories or vague concepts.  The Marketing Tips Report  is a collection of the methods and  tools I’ve used for both my business and many of my clients. They simply work.

Take a look around the site. My blog has loads of information and resources for service businesses, independent professionals and freelancers. Subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter, News & Notes from Neil and get two free chapters on marketing and sales from my first book, Starting Your Career As A Freelance Web Designer. That’s 44-pages of info-packed marketing and sales information and insights for free. Even if you’re not a Web designer, the information, tools and techniques are great for any type of freelancer, independent professional or small business.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you solve those nagging marketing problems!