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6 Ways To Build Prospect Relationships That Turn Into [ Paying ] Clients

On the heels of my last post, How To Build A Killer Prospect List (When You’re Not A Sales Savvy Freelancer), I thought it would be wise to write a bit about what to do after you’ve found a prospect to court. That’s court as in woo, not court as in standing in front of a judge, which is generally a bad thing … even when you win the case.

After you invested a significant amount of time and often some money into finding a “just right” prospect, it would be a shame to drop the ball. But, that’s exactly what happens with many freelancers. Just because you have a name and email address or phone number, it doesn’t mean you have a client. Even if you’ve had a delightful first meeting with the prospect, they still need to sign on the dotted line and dig into their pocket for some deposit dough. Continue reading 6 Ways To Build Prospect Relationships That Turn Into [ Paying ] Clients


How To Build A Killer Prospect List (When You’re Not A Sales Savvy Freelancer)

You can’t escape sales. Sure, graphic designers, writers and other creative folk cringe just at the thought of this nasty, degrading, sleazy practice. Nonetheless, you can’t escape it. A wise sage once said, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

And, it’s true.

Creatives need to address two problems to ensure their success:


Who Else Wants To Know How To Manage Multiple Freelance Clients?

Managing clients can be challenging for freelancers. But, it’s one of those tasks a freelancer must do to ensure projects flow in and out in an organized and efficient manner. It also helps to ensure project fees keep coming in and on time. Payment delays can indicate something’s not happy with clients. Continue reading Who Else Wants To Know How To Manage Multiple Freelance Clients?


Freelance Business Bootcamp Week 1 Recap

Carol Tice and I presented Session 1 of the Freelance Business Bootcamp, on Thursday, March 6. In spite of my area being under a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning, things went pretty well. The bootcamp is a live event, and attendees can dial in or listen via their browser along with viewing the Powerpoint slides. Attendees also sent in their questions and Carol and I tackled them.

During the one-hour bootcamp we covered a lot of freelance business start-up issues including:

  • Naming your freelance business
  • Registering it with state and local governments freelancebusinessbootcamp_ppt_slide
  • Business legal structures
  • Various types of licenses, permits needed for a freelance business
  • Where to go to get them
  • Obtaining a Federal Employee Identification number (EIN)
  • Choose an accounting application
  • Setting up bookkeeping
  • Keeping track of business income and expenses and possible deductions
  • Business insurances
  • Conducting a SWOT Analysis
  • Basic business planning
  • Financial reports
  • Planning for taxes
  • Marketing planning

Attendees were also given homework assignments. For this first session, homework included conducting a SWOT Analysis and starting their business plan. The bootcamp also provides attendees with  many business resources. The bootcamp discussion forum is where folks can ask questions, compare notes and hook up with other attendees.

Our next session on March 13 will cover negotiating great rates, protecting your rights, negotiating raises and tactics to keep your income growing.



Freelance Business Bootcamp

Join the maven of freelance writing, Carol Tice, and me for a very special Freelance Business Bootcamp beginning March 6, 2014!

During this March bootcamp, Carol and I will present 4 live webinars where you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your freelance business
  • How to protect your rights as a freelance creative
  • How to negotiate like a pro
  • How to handle and manage tough clients & projects

register now!

If you’re one of the many freelancers who struggle with these common, but nagging, business issues register today. The Freelance Business Bootcamp will guide you around the maze of costly mistakes and lost business. Your business and your stress level will thank you.

This bootcamp was developed for all types of creative freelancers – Writers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Photographers, Illustrators – any freelancer who’s either just starting out or a freelance veteran.

Plus, attendees receive a boat load of free bonuses! In addition to the webinars,  you’ll also receive:

  • Transcripts, video and audio/mp3 recordings of each live session — view or review whenever you want.
  • 1 month membership in Freelance Writers Den included! Supplement your learning with access to 100+ hours of additional trainings.
  • Bootcamp chat forums for all your follow-up questions and bootcamp homework critiques.
  • Business plan review: Learn to create an actionable business plan to get your freelance biz rolling — fast. We’ll help you on the forums.
  • Business forms, podcast recordings and much more!
  • 13 Ways to Get the Writing Done Faster — Carol’s co-written ebook with Linda Formichelli will help you bill more and up your hourly rate!
  • The confidence to build your freelance writing business and succeed!

register now!



Are You At Risk Of Someone Stealing Your Writing?

You might be if your work isn’t formally copyrighted and you’re offered a publishing deal that sounds too good to be true. Sure, hard to believe, I copyright symbolknow, but it happens and it happens all too often to the uninformed. Read on for some copyright enlightenment you really need to know. The headline reads, “Writing,” but the info is for all those involved in the business of creativity. Continue reading Are You At Risk Of Someone Stealing Your Writing?


Imagine Your Content Marketing Success With These Easy Tactics and the Content Marketing Institute recently produced two rather insightful reports. They found both small and large businesses are using content marketing. That’s not exactly a huge revelation. What is stunning is that a staggering 93% are using it. Plus, 58% are planning to increase their content marketing budget over the next year. They’re using it for social media, articles, newsletters and more with brand awareness as their top goal, followed by lead generation.

Now some scary stuff. 42% believe they’re more effective at content marketing. Yet, the studies report that when it comes to a content marketing strategy nearly half of all B2B marketers don’t have one. For all intent and purpose, they’re just shooting stuff out and hoping something sticks.content marketing spending plans


Continue reading Imagine Your Content Marketing Success With These Easy Tactics


Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you …

Audience Research for the Freelance Writer

Writers love to research a topic almost as much as they love writing about it. Perhaps that’s too broad a generalization, but I believe it rings true for most. Research is pretty dang important when it comes to writing with authority and it sure beats making stuff up. Leave that to those writing fiction. Even writers who cringe at the thought of research, understand it’s a necessary task that must be done if they’re going to write something useful. But, there’s another type of research that’s just as important – audience research. Continue reading Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you …


What The Heck Is Content Marketing? A small business primer

The Web is buzzing these days about this new fangled thing called content marketing. Two things about content marketing. First, it’s not new, nor fangled for that matter. Second, you should care because your business’ health might depend upon it.

Content marketing has been around for as long as the Web, roughly 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee and those fun-lovin’ folks at CERN took his work with hyperlinks seriously. Come to think of it, content marketing has really been around since before the wondrous repository that contains the sum total of all human knowledge we call the Web. Continue reading What The Heck Is Content Marketing? A small business primer

Share – for all your freelance writing needs … really

I’ve recently starting writing for These articles will focus on business issues and challenges facing freelance writers.  Other communication pros – graphic designers, writers, p.r. folks, yada, yada, yada – will benefit as well.

My first article for the site is titled, How to Generate More, High Quality, Referrals for Your Writing Business. The article explores referrals, a sought-after and highly coveted source of business for freelance writers and pretty much any service-oriented business.freelance-writing-home-x400px

Within the article, I look into the nature of referrals, their sources, how to get them and make the most of them … all while not alienating or otherwise freaking out the referrer.

Freaking out? Continue reading – for all your freelance writing needs … really