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3 Surefire Tips To Boost Your Creative Career

Here’s a choice for you. Either you can buckle down and plan your career or, like so many, let your career just happen to you. If you opt for the latter, many years down the road you may well find yourself asking, “Hey self, where did the years go and what the heck happened?”

That […]


Starting Your Career As A Musician

My new book, Starting Your Career As A Musician (Allworth Press), is scheduled for release in late February or early March. Amazon says March 1, 2013. We’ll see. What happens is one fine day I open my front door and trip over a package. Voila! My copies have arrived and I know my book is […]


The Shy Networker

Most extroverted folks are great at networking events. They’re all bubbly, chatty and such. They make us introverted folks cringe sometimes.

Me, an introvert?

Yup, ‘fraid so gang. I’ve always been a bit shy, even way back in the dark ages when I was but a mere kidlet. Yet, I don’t have any problem with […]


5 Tips For Becoming A Little Famous With The Power Of P.R.

Public relations, or simply p.r., can be one of the most potent tools in your marketing toolbox. It can add a lot of credibility to you and your business and it’s often loads less expensive than advertising. Plus, and it’s a big plus, it positions you as an expert in you niche.

Believability is another […]


Handling Interviews

It’s another day and you pull up behind your desk, fire up the computer and down a jolt of your favorite caffeinated beverage. Out of the blue, the phone rings or the inbox jingles. You’ve been asked for an interview.

Holy smokes! What now? After your hat size deflates once again to normal, take a […]


Writing Press Releases

Press releases are often the foundation of a business’s publicity efforts. When writing releases, be sure they conform to accepted format standards. To follow is the dissection of a release I wrote a while back.

News Release

Contact: Neil Tortorella Tortorella Design 954.607.2244

January 19, 2009

For Immediate Release Neil Tortorella to Present At […]


Press Release Ideas

So far, I written about the value of generating publicity for your business, how to build a media list and develop a press kit. At the core of all this is the mighty press release. An archive of releases can become the foundation of your public relations efforts.

A well-written, information-packed release can go miles […]


Creating Your Press Kit

A press kit, sometimes called a media kit, is a collection of information about a person, product, company or event sent to the media as a promotional tool. It’s all the information a journalist needs to write about the glories of you in one convenient place.

Your press kit can be created one of two […]


Building A Media List

A sibling to your prospects and contacts list, your media list is destined to become one of the treasured items in your marketing toolbox. It’s a list of writers, reporters, editors and other media contacts who are going to skyrocket you to niche stardom.

You could dig deep into your pockets and subscribe to a […]