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Freelance Web Designer Essentials

Freelance Web Designer Essentials is a compilation of business forms, calculators and spreadsheets for every freelance Web Designer. It’s also great for print-based graphic designers and writers.

Freelance Web Designer Essentials contains the needed tools to aid Web Designers in running a smooth business and also managing client projects. It will also save designers a […]


How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales

People buy from people, not companies. Plus, given the choice, people usually buy from people they like. Add to that, the fact that people aren’t very interested in product or service features. They’re interested in what benefits those features will bring to them.

You may have come across the idiom, Don’t sell the steak. Sell […]


Winning Tactics For Positioning Your Business

Do you know your position? I’m not talking about yoga or tantric sex. Which, I might add, is pretty much what’s returned if you happen to do a Google image search for “position.” I’m not talking your job title or where you happen to be at this moment, either. I’m talking about your market position. […]


A Simple Way Freelancers & Small Businesses Can Attract More Clients

Here’s a scenario that may strike a familiar chord for freelancers and small businesses. You come up with a brilliant idea that’s sure to bring in droves of new business. So, you have a stunning postcard or landing page whipped up with your irresistible offer. Oh, what the heck. Have both created. You don’t want […]


6 Ways To Build Prospect Relationships That Turn Into [Paying] Clients

On the heels of my last post, How To Build A Killer Prospect List (When You’re Not A Sales Savvy Freelancer), I thought it would be wise to write a bit about what to do after you’ve found a prospect to court. That’s court as in woo, not court as in standing in front of […]


Imagine Your Content Marketing Success With These Easy Tactics and the Content Marketing Institute recently produced two rather insightful reports. They found both small and large businesses are using content marketing. That’s not exactly a huge revelation. What is stunning is that a staggering 93% are using it. Plus, 58% are planning to increase their content marketing budget over the next year. They’re […]


Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you …

Audience Research for the Freelance Writer

Writers love to research a topic almost as much as they love writing about it. Perhaps that’s too broad a generalization, but I believe it rings true for most. Research is pretty dang important when it comes to writing with authority and it sure beats making stuff up. Leave […]


The Freelance Writer’s Business Book

On the heels of my second book, Starting Your Career As A Musician, which came out in late February, I started tapping the keyboard again. I just can’t stop myself.

My new book, The Freelance Writer’s Business Book, is just about done. This one is self-published, mostly as an experiment. Nothing against my publisher, Allworth […]


Taming The Feast Or Famine Beast: Part Four

Action Plans, Marketing Calendar & Budgeting

Action Plans In the action plans section of your marketing plan, you’ll develop a detailed marketing “to do” list. It’s a task list that describes what will be done, when each task will begin and be completed, along with who’s responsible for accomplishing it.

The action plan picks up […]


Taming The Feast Or Famine Beast: Part Three

Conducting A SWOT Analysis & Developing Marketing Objectives

SWOT Analysis A SWOT Analysis a chart showing those things within and outside your business that will make you swim or sink. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strengths and Weaknesses (inside your company) This requires some hard core honesty on your part. What are […]