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Freelance Web Designer Essentials

Freelance Web Designer Essentials is a compilation of business forms, calculators and spreadsheets for every freelance Web Designer. It’s also great for print-based graphic designers and writers.

Freelance Web Designer Essentials contains the needed tools to aid Web Designers in running a smooth business and also managing client projects. It will also save designers a […]


How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales

People buy from people, not companies. Plus, given the choice, people usually buy from people they like. Add to that, the fact that people aren’t very interested in product or service features. They’re interested in what benefits those features will bring to them.

You may have come across the idiom, Don’t sell the steak. Sell […]


Winning Tactics For Positioning Your Business

Do you know your position? I’m not talking about yoga or tantric sex. Which, I might add, is pretty much what’s returned if you happen to do a Google image search for “position.” I’m not talking your job title or where you happen to be at this moment, either. I’m talking about your market position. […]


A Simple Way Freelancers & Small Businesses Can Attract More Clients

Here’s a scenario that may strike a familiar chord for freelancers and small businesses. You come up with a brilliant idea that’s sure to bring in droves of new business. So, you have a stunning postcard or landing page whipped up with your irresistible offer. Oh, what the heck. Have both created. You don’t want […]


6 Ways To Build Prospect Relationships That Turn Into [Paying] Clients

On the heels of my last post, How To Build A Killer Prospect List (When You’re Not A Sales Savvy Freelancer), I thought it would be wise to write a bit about what to do after you’ve found a prospect to court. That’s court as in woo, not court as in standing in front of […]


The Freelance Writer’s Business Book

On the heels of my second book, Starting Your Career As A Musician, which came out in late February, I started tapping the keyboard again. I just can’t stop myself.

My new book, The Freelance Writer’s Business Book, is just about done. This one is self-published, mostly as an experiment. Nothing against my publisher, Allworth […]


Taming The Feast Or Famine Beast: Part Two

Conducting Target Market & Competitor Analysis

In the previous post, I touched on conducting target market and competitor analysis. In this post, we’ll get knee deep into them.

Target Market Analysis Critical to your success in marketing any product or service is focusing your marketing efforts on a specific target market or niche. Marketing becomes […]


Taming The Feast Or Famine Beast:

Creating & Implementing An Effective Marketing Plan

Please note: This was originally published on, which, to the best of my knowledge, has gone the way of the dinosaur. But, I felt the content and information was of value, so here it is for a reprise.

– Part One –

A well-thought-out and implemented marketing […]


Unleashing the Writer Within

Up until ten years ago, I considered myself a graphic designer and marketing consultant. As such, I left the copywriting to the copywriters. Sure, I’d whip up a couple of lines of prose here and there, but the main stuff always went out to a “real” writer.

It wasn’t until I was drafted to write […]


The Shy Networker

Most extroverted folks are great at networking events. They’re all bubbly, chatty and such. They make us introverted folks cringe sometimes.

Me, an introvert?

Yup, ‘fraid so gang. I’ve always been a bit shy, even way back in the dark ages when I was but a mere kidlet. Yet, I don’t have any problem with […]